Mother Nature gives a speech to the world.


She says human society is under threat, most immediately from the climate crisis.

Adjustments to our way of life cannot fix this. Indeed, continuous fixes are how we got here.


TRANSFORMATION to new thinking is required: we need a NEW STORY of who we are and what we are here to do.

Whether Mother Nature’s point of view is right or wrong, this is an important time to discuss where we go from here.


This discussion cannot be delegated to the rich, the powerful, or the experts. It is our future, and our choice.

Welcome to the conversation! 

About the Book

Some in our community (Greater Rochester, NY) have been convinced for years that --- ready or not --- human society must be TRANSFORMED fundamentally to meet our needs for the future.


David Inglis, retired pastor and spiritual evolutionary, is a long-time proponent of this Transformation.

In 2018, David discovered the book A New Republic of the Heart, by Terry Patten.  So excited was he by this book that he invited a group of friends to read it with him, and discuss it.  We found the book to be important, well written, and brilliant!


As we got deeper into the book, however, some in the group felt that it was heavy reading---too much to ask of busy people.  One person suggested we need something shorter: New Republic of the Heart for Dummies.


There followed discussion about what such a short book might be like.  What if contained quotations from Mother Nature?


Bob Palumbos and Hank Stone, present at that meeting, said we would write that short book.  And we did.


EARTH BOOK:  Mother Nature Speaks is not a summary of Terry Patten’s book.  It benefits from the ideas and editorial suggestions of members of David’s group, and of others, but expresses our particular way of seeing things.  Good people may disagree!

Hank and Bob believe the key question is “Where should we go from here?” 

On the one hand, profound transformation of society seems to be required, with all possible speed!  Yet how can we turn our backs on the accomplishments of our country, and the high standard of living most of us have enjoyed for our whole lives?

So, what is the future we want?


This is not an easy question. If we address it politically, with the oppositional politics of the moment, it may not be solvable.


But ordinary people are not politicians.  We are more alike than we are different.  Our children and grandchildren will be most affected by climate change, and we must decide what world we want them to inherit.  


We must discuss our options.  Friends, neighbors and interested people can get together and talk face-to-face. Small group discussions allow us to compare notes on what we see and what we want to happen. 


This little Mother Nature book presents a perspective for that conversation. 


Mother Nature makes a number of specific calls for action.  If she is right, why not rise to the occasion and make those actions “politically possible?“


But if she is wrong, what are OUR get-well plans for the human future?  Why not then take the actions WE believe are right?


The Mother Nature books, and the book text, are available for FREE on this website:  EarthBookMotherNature.org.  We hope you will distribute the book widely, so it can be used in small group discussions, and passed on to expand the conversation.


Thank you for your attention to the world future at this critical time!



Hank and Bob

Bob Palumbos

Bob Palumbos became active around militarism and social justice issues as a seminarian protesting the Vietnam War and continued through the Catholic Worker movement.

Now a retired social worker, he has renewed his activism in response to the ominous threat of
climate change to the world of his seven grandchildren and global human family. Bob lives with his wife, Kathy, and their two cats in Rochester, New York.

Jaci Ayorinde

Jaci Ayorinde created the cover artwork. Jaci is a retired art teacher, a sculptor, artist, and book illustrator. For decades she has focused on ways to picture and communicate the good future we want for humanity. Jaci lives with her husband in Rush, New York.

Hank Stone 

Hank Stone is a retired engineer from Xerox where he designed systems to analyze and measure copy quality. He has been a peace activist for 40 years, and has written essays on peace,
population, government, and the human future. Hank lives with his wife in Ionia, New York.

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